Rest Assured Webinar – “Role of end of life doulas”

Wednesday, 25 August


This FREE webinar presentation will discuss how you can start important conversations around death and dying, and what helpful support services and resources are available.

August theme: “Role of end of life doulas”

Topics include:

  • What is a doula and what do they do?
  • How can a doula assist in planning “a good death” and where do I find one
  • Encouragement to live fully
  • Advocacy in and out of hospital/home/hospice
  • Non-medical support, reassurance for needs of client
  • Practical work, gathering support people
  • Medical backgrounds and nursing care
  • Companionship for the dying and family
  • Organising circles of influence/ keeping out unwanted energies
  • Unfinished business and emotional support
  • Declutter physical and mental
  • Spiritual and nonspiritual care
  • Death care, body washing and home vigil
  • Funeral preparation and celebrancy*

*Northern Cemeteries does not endorse nor recommend any particular Funeral Director. We can assist you with an online search to help start you with a list of providers near you.