Reconciliation Week

20 years of Reconciliation in 2020.

So much has happened since the beginning of the people’s movement in the 1990’s, that we should all be proud of as Australians. Northern Cemeteries has held Reconciliation events over the last couple of years and will continue to contribute into the future.

Today there is a greater acknowledgement of First Nations Peoples’ rights to land and sea, a greater understanding of our shared history, the frontier wars, and the impacts of past government policies.  We continue to recognise the contributions that Indigenous people make to their communities and to the fabric of our Australian society.

Our ability to continue to move forward as a nation relies on individuals, organisations and communities coming together in the spirit of reconciliation to achieve Reconciliation Australia’s vision of a just, equitable and reconciled nation.

As we cannot all be together physically this year, we can gather virtually and hear a message from Susan Moylan-Coombs, Northern Cemeteries Culture Keeper on this year’s National Reconciliation Week and what it means to her. We will also hear ​a diversity of voices and what they have to say about what Reconciliation means to them.

Thank you for joining us.

Northern Cemeteries would like to inform you of the following measures and precautions we are putting in place in response to coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions

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