Upcoming Services

To check if webcasting is available for any of today’s services, please call 1300 389 888.

Pick Lian Tan 09:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Judith Rhodes-White 10:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Claude Bennie 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Barry Jones 11:00 Ashes Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 17, Grave 0371
Barry Jones 11:00 Ashes Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 17, Grave 0371
Harry Arthur Fog 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Daniel Croft 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Harry Arthur Fog 12:30 Burial General Lawn, O, Grave 0565
Esmay Cecile Carlile 12:45 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 11, Grave 0605
Suzanne Cambridge 13:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Margaret McIntyre 08:00 Ashes A J Hare Lawn, Row 9, Grave 0068
Sylvia Phyllis Ball 09:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Meger Bateman 10:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Yim Mei Lee Wong 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Jill Finlayson 11:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Lola Florence Ford 11:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Peter Trayhurn 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Rosa Greco 13:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Joan Shakeshaft 14:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Joan Helena Swarbrick 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Kevin Ward 11:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Kevin Ward 12:15 Burial General Lawn, Eugr, Grave 130
Douglas Stewart 14:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Joy Scott-Stevenson 14:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Thomas Joseph Krause 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Edwin Shahinian 11:00 Burial Armenian Lawn, Section A, Grave- 217
Kevin Jewell 11:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Nora Shalala 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Yuen Yue Sean 13:00 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 19, Grave 1106
Dudley Beal Streven 14:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Oliver William Perry 15:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Dudley Beal Streven 15:15 Burial General Lawn, M20, Grave 071b
Kenneth Eric Smith 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Scott Alexander Knibb 10:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Shaun Foo 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Jamie Walsh 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Shaun Foo 11:30 Burial General Lawn, Gap3, Grave 113
Salvatore Catanzaro 12:00 Burial Crypt, Sacred Heart - C, Vault 0005
Peter Russell 12:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
John (Michael) Willis 12:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Peter Reidy 12:45 Burial Vaughan Catholic Lawn, Row 44, Grave 001d
Alan Wing Seeto 13:00 Burial Mary Mackillop Gardens, Section B, Grave 224
Anthony Carter 13:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
John Battin 13:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Suzi Sueanne Knowles 13:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Hilda Gill 14:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Raymond Joseph Newman 15:00 Burial General Lawn, O, Grave 1683
Sara-Joy Ly 15:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Peter Young 15:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Simon John Hall 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel


Please be advised that due to the new Australian Government Restrictions,
today's services are limited to a maximum of 50 mourners only.

Free webcasting is available for all services at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium,
please speak to the organising Funeral Director to obtain the link.