Upcoming Services

Sr Jane Dawson 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Mary MacKenzie 10:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Terence William Thomlinson 10:30 Burial Ascension Hill Gardens, Section A, Grave 0211
Suzanne Walsh 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Sr Jane Dawson 11:00 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, P4 Nuns, Grave 0003
Ovanes Abram 11:00 Burial Armenian Lawn, Section C General Lawn, Grave 020
Reginald Raymond Scheetz 11:30 Burial Vaughan Catholic Lawn, Row 8, Grave 0021
Suzanne Walsh 11:30 Burial Ascension Hill Gardens, Section D, Grave 211
Zhifeng Wu 12:00 Ashes Red Gum General Niche Wall, B2, Pos 0092
Neville Henry 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Elizabeth Peggeman 12:30 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 14, Grave 1297
George Burns 08:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Gordon Sidney Kee 09:00 Burial General Lawn, Gpk, Grave 0095
Agnes Lee 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Harry Brunner 10:00 Burial Jewish Monumental, H4, Grave 034
Lucia Marino 10:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Pamela Anne Hann 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Agnes Lee 11:00 Burial Mary Mackillop Gardens, Section B, Grave 277
Ilham Ohannessian 11:00 Burial Armenian Lawn, J19, Grave 0032
Sr Mary Guilfoyle 12:00 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, P3 Nuns, Grave 0322
Beryl Pearce 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Margaret Mary Beagle 13:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Krishna Nagaraj 14:00 Chapel Lotus Pavilion Chapel
Malcolm Ernest Hazell 15:00 Burial Vaughan Catholic Lawn, Row 8, Grave 0031
Li Ming Pan 09:00 Ashes Chinese Ashes Estate, 23b Ashes Family Estate, Pos 023
Guiseppe Paleologo 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Shek Leung Cheng 10:00 Ashes Traditional, O26, Grave 0025
Min Li 11:00 Ashes Chinese Ashes Estate, 23b Ashes Family Estate, Pos 016
Zuan Yi Chen 11:00 Ashes Chinese Ashes Estate, 23b Ashes Family Estate, Pos 016
Wilma Ruth Kelly 12:30 Burial Ascension Hill Gardens, Section C Lawn Monumental, Grave 296
Kuen Hong Wee 13:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Jianping Zheng 13:00 Ashes Garden Of Eternity, Dragon Of Virtue, Garden Estates F, Position 021
Timothy Charles Connell 13:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Yihua Luo 14:00 Ashes Garden Of Eternity, Inner Niche Wall, Position 117
Helen Corkery 14:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Tamara Cronin 14:30 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 14, Grave 0546
Helen Corkery 15:15 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 19, Grave 0634
Adrian Horan 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Trevor Michael McGregor 10:30 Burial General Lawn, M17, Grave 0095
Ming Wang 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
David John Standish Rutledge 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Peter Kao 09:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Constance Roslyn Firth 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Shan Huang 11:00 Ashes Garden Of Eternity, Fountain Of Faith, Garden Estates E, Position 005
Lola Kendall 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Elizabeth Blyth 11:45 Burial Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 12, Grave 0293
Parameswari Ramakrishnan 12:00 Chapel Lotus Pavilion Chapel
Margaret Mashford 12:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Margaret Mashford 13:30 Burial General Lawn, M25, Grave 0075
Suzanne Gai Syme 09:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Suzanne Gai Syme 10:30 Burial Ascension Hill Gardens, Section D, Grave 271

Northern Cemeteries would like to inform you of the following measures and precautions we are putting in place in response to coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the safety of families and the general public, we are limiting funeral services to a maximum of 10 attendees.

We offer excellent free web-casting facilities for all those who are unable to attend chapel services and can conduct enquiries over the phone where necessary.

We are asking that anyone:

  • who has returned from overseas in the last 14 days, or
  • who has been exposed to a confirmed or suspected coronavirus patient;

remain at home and take the necessary steps to care for their health as well as care for the safety of others.

We have also cancelled all events and tours at our locations.

For all enquiries, please call our Customer Care team on 02 9805 0499.

Northern Cemeteries will continue to take all steps to care for our families and the community.