Christmas Initiatives 2020

Northern Cemeteries understands that Christmas can be a difficult time for many in our community.

We sincerely thank you for participating in our Christmas Tree Dedications initiative as we honoured your special loved ones on our tree. Your dedication tags will be recycled as part of our sustainability initiative. Wishing you a lovely Christmas, as together we remember our passed loved ones. Please take a moment to watch the video on YouTube here.

Following on from last year, staff and the community donated to the Barnardos Gifts for Kids campaign this Christmas. All toys purchased through our online company appeal have gone directly to children in Barnardos foster care programs, many of whom have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness. This year, we exceeded our goal of 20 toys worth $500, with more than 20 toys donated! This contribution supports the work of another not-for-profit, and at Northern Cemeteries we know how important it is to care for our community.