Rest Assured grief webinar supports Dying to Know Day

Jul 2022

Dying to Know Day (8 August) is an annual national campaign which encourages people to start conversations about death.

Joining the Dying to Know Day calendar of events, the Rest Assured free webinar series is partnering with Griefline to present “Understanding grief and how to support the bereaved” from 5.00pm – 6.30pm, Wednesday 3 August.

Experienced bereavement practitioner and Griefline Counselling Supervisor Marianne Bowdler will share her insights on how to find courage through grief and discover hope and healing after loss.

“Grief is not a depressive disorder or an illness to be treated or cured,” Marianne explained.

“Rather, it is a healthy response to a painful reality and while one’s world may forever be altered, most people are resilient after a profound loss and, in time, can return to a state of equilibrium.”

Marianne will outline ways people can support themselves through loss and how they can also help someone else navigate their own grief journey. Her presentation will cover the important first steps in how to manage grief which can impact us physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

“Grief affects us all and everyone moves through grief in their own unique way. Despite being a universal human experience, each person’s grief response is unique – meaning there is no right or wrong way to grieve,” Marianne said.

“We’ll be sharing the importance of practicing self-care by connecting to healthy and positive routines to help give a greater sense of balance, wellbeing and mental resilience.”

Griefline provides a vital service for hundreds of people across Australia every day through delivering free telephone and online support services and resources.

Rest Assured is a joint partnership project between Northern Cemeteries and Newcastle Compassionate Community. Since launching in 2019, the free public webinar series has provided a supportive environment for people to discuss death-related matters.

Webinar registrations are essential and can be made at Rest Assured, 3 August 2022 – Understanding grief and how to support the bereaved or email