Sacred Crypts of Our Lady Officially Opened

The Sacred Crypts of Our Lady were officially consecrated on Wednesday 14 April by Father Greg Morgan of Ryde Gladesville Catholic Parish. Named in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Arciuli Monumental Building constructed the new memorial with all crypts engineered, built and maintained to the highest standards. Father Morgan has blessed the entire crypt area, in accordance with Catholic practices. This was the first public event to be held at Field of Mars Cemetery since the effects of COVID-19 last year.

Father Morgan was pleased to see that the crypts feature a statue of such beauty “To find a statue with a face which reflects the love, the tenderness and beauty of Our Lady, so I commend you on your choice” exclaimed Father Morgan.

Chief Operating Officer David Ham officially opened the crypts, detailing the significance of this cemetery to its local area, “For several decades, this cemetery was the most important to the Ryde community” said Mr Ham.

The event also provided the public with an opportunity to learn more and discuss their needs with our supportive team of Family Consultants.

Chief Executive Officer Pauline Tritton is excited to continue caring for our community, “We have a long tradition of dedicated service to the Catholic Community and we are delighted to be offering this quality option at Field of Mars” said Ms Tritton.

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