Rose Ash Garden

Tanika Ash Garden

Ash Garden

Sandgate Crematorium

We offer a quality range of attractive options for you to choose from. Talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and caring Family Consultants if you have any questions or would like further information or assistance.

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Sandgate Ash Options

Rose Ash Garden

Rose Ash Garden

Each site is encased in light grey granite surrounds and tastefully finished with a bronze plaque.

From $2,540

Tanika Ash Garden

Tanika Ash Garden

Situated in a unique landscaped garden, these replica sandstone rocks are designed for twin interment of ashes.

From $1,255

Ash Garden

Ash Garden

Situated in a lovely garden next to the office, one interment includes a bronze plaque.

From $1,020

What’s involved in

Organising a funeral or memorial?


Choose a Funeral Director

Choose a Funeral Director who you feel will meet your loved one’s wishes and reflect their personality and beliefs. They will organise the service or ceremony you desire taking into account all of your requests


Choose Location

Decide on burial or cremation and memorialisation, ensure your loved one hasn’t already pre-purchased a site.


Book a Funeral Service

Your funeral director will book the funeral service with our bookings department for you at a suitable time and the chapel or area of your choice.


Organise an after funeral function

Some people choose to have a gathering of family and friends following the service.

What to do when someone dies

Purchasing an Ash Site

Ash sites at Sandgate Cemetery are available in either single, double or family estates. We have many options available to choose from.

A standard ash site purchase includes

  • The right of interment for the site
  • One interment
  • Perpetual maintenance of the grounds

Additional options available

  • Bronze Plaque
  • Ceramic Photo

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