Together, we will work to limit the spread of COVID-19

Northern Cemeteries follows the public health advice of the NSW Government to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees and community. We are a COVIDSafe organisation. This page will be updated regularly with the latest measures which form our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

How many people can attend a funeral service?

The maximum number of people who can attend a funeral service is 100, subject to the one person per 4 square metres rule.

This applies to chapel services, burials and interments, and catered functions or wakes after a funeral service.


Our chapels have the following capacities according to physical distancing guidelines and the one person per 4 square metre rule:

CemeteryChapelMaximum Capacity
Macquarie Park Cemetery and CrematoriumCamelia Chapel100
Macquarie Park Cemetery and CrematoriumMagnolia Chapel100
Macquarie Park Cemetery and CrematoriumPalm Chapel100
Macquarie Park Cemetery and CrematoriumLotus 40
Macquarie Park Cemetery and CrematoriumRose 15
Macquarie Park Cemetery and CrematoriumOhel Chaim25
Frenchs Forest Bushland CemeteryLorikeet Room19

We offer excellent free webcasting facilities for all those who are unable to attend chapel services.

Burials and Interments

Burials and interments at all Northern Cemeteries sites must also adhere to the one person per 4 square metre rule and social distancing measures and are limited to 100 attendees.


Celeste Catering is a COVIDSafe business and continues to offer catering for functions for up to 100 people.

What if I am travelling from outside NSW?

Northern Cemeteries adheres to the NSW Government rules for people visiting NSW.

Travelling from Overseas

Anyone who has returned from overseas must complete the mandatory 14 days in self-isolation. If self-isolation has not been completed for 14 days, the person cannot attend a Northern Cemeteries site.

What about NSW Hotspots?

The NSW Government provides a daily update on locations with known COVID-19 outbreaks and recommends the following action by anyone who has been in these location:

  • People who must self-isolate and get tested immediately after visiting a NSW hotspot
  • People who must monitor their symptoms
  • Increased testing and surveillance

NSW Self-Isolate and Get Tested Immediately

Anyone who has been in a NSW hotspot categorised as “self-isolate and get tested immediately” may not attend a Northern Cemeteries site if they have not completed the 14 days of self-isolation first. Please check this site for updates on self-isolating hotspots:  

NSW Monitor Symptoms

Anyone who has been in a NSW hotspot categorised as “monitor symptoms” will need to watch for COVID-19 symptoms, and if symptoms occur, immediately get tested and self-isolate. Please download the COVIDSafe App before attending a Northern Cemeteries site. We also ask Funeral Directors to help us ensure that where family members or members of their own team are not well, they not attend the funeral. Please check this site for updates on “monitor symptoms” hotspots:  

Increased testing and surveillance

With the growing number of cases in the area, NSW Health is asking all people who live in, or have visited, an “increased testing and surveillance” hotspot in the past two weeks to get tested if they have even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms such as a runny nose or scratchy throat. Please check this site for updates on these locations:  

Guidelines for People Attending Funerals

We all have a role to play in minimising the spread of COVID-19. Northern Cemeteries has prepared a Guidelines for People Attending Funerals handout which offers practical information for visitors. We also have a Northern Cemeteries Staying Safe flyer for all attendees.

Guidelines for Funeral Directors

Northern Cemeteries works closely with Funeral Directors to ensure that together we are complying with all government restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our Guidelines for Funeral Directors handout lists the key COVIDSafe measures we ask Funeral Directors to assist us with.

Record of Attendance Form

The NSW Government requires that people attending a funeral service are required to supply their name and contact details so that they can be used for contact tracing. Funeral Directors and families can assist us by using our QR codes at each site they visit, or ensuring that the names and contact details of all attendees are recorded on the Funeral Attendance Record before the service commences.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details on our COVID-19 measures