Working as Part of the Community

Northern Cemeteries’ mission statement is ‘Always caring for the community in all its diversity’. We are committed to engaging openly and transparently with the many communities we serve. We seek and value feedback and input to assist in best understanding the needs of the community and embrace sharing their ideas for shaping the future of our sites, to enable us to deliver excellence in customer service.

Community Engagement Framework

1. Provide more information for communities:

Connecting with the diverse community groups we serve through our regular events throughout the year, information sessions and supplying information and brochures in a number of languages.

2. Understanding community needs:

Building personal relationships with community groups and key stakeholders, listening to their views and respecting the needs of different community groups, and collaborating to assist and serve the community.

3. Reaching out to disadvantaged and marginalised communities:

Expanding relationships with all areas of the community, and partnering with community groups in assisting those less fortunate in the community.

4. Having conversations:

Understanding and respecting the Indigenous significance of our site history, the cultural aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and embracing all other community, cultural and religious groups.