Upcoming services

Use the table below to find upcoming services at all Northern Cemeteries locations or use the links on the left to select your preferred location.

Name Time Service Location
Toni Tippett 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Pauline Yee 10:00 Burial CHINESE MONUMENTAL, ROW 19, Grave 0006
Yanhua Deng 10:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Po Wong Tong 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Doreen Lewis 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Enid Helen Loudon 11:00 Burial GENERAL LAWN, GOVERNOR LACHLAN MACQUARIE, Grave 0037
Jinsheng Fu 11:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Po Wong Tong 11:30 Burial GENERAL LAWN, GOVERNOR PHILLIP KING Row 1, Grave 0026
Hong Chen 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Benjamin Keith Johnson 12:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Marina Leskovar 12:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Taigen Sun 13:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Joseph Tiong 13:00 Burial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION A, Grave 928
Kha Kiang Khoo 14:00 Chapel Lotus Pavilion Chapel
Gweneth Neil 14:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Name Time Service Location
David Cranko 10:00 Burial JEWISH MONUMENTAL, F4, Grave 021
Name Time Service Location
Rupert Taylor 11:00 Ashes A J HARE LAWN, ROW 37, Grave 0019
Olivia Suk Hing Tam 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Charles Arthur Henry Simmonds 11:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Lucille Hartshorne 13:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Bek Jelbart 13:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Yoke Seng Tong 14:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Amanda Leigh Edwards 14:00 Burial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION A, Grave 026
Julia Mary Bellamy 14:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Bek Jelbart 14:30 Burial GENERAL LAWN, GOVERNOR ARTHUR PHILLIPS, Grave 0267
Name Time Service Location
Rosemary Hobbs 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Evelyn Galer 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Gerard Deudekom 12:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Charles Edward McGregor 12:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Brian John Mulvey 12:30 Burial CATHOLIC MONUMENTAL, FF8, Grave 0033
Olive Barnes 13:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Zhisen Li 14:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Lilit Karakhanian 15:00 Burial ARMENIAN LAWN, SECTION B, Grave 009
Name Time Service Location
Coralie May Hinkley 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Robert William Freestone 10:00 Burial GENERAL LAWN, V13, Grave 0049
Upasiri de Silva 12:00 Ashes LIVING LEGACY TREES, Mary Mackillop Gardens C, Tree 001
John Thomas Harrison 12:30 Burial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 18, Grave 567C
Name Time Service Location
Alan Newport 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
David Gibbons Jones 11:15 Chapel Rose Chapel
Michèle Rosalie Fenton 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
David Gibbons Jones 12:30 Burial GENERAL LAWN, O, Grave 1631
Name Time Service Location
Harold D'Souza 12:30 Burial

Name Time Service Location
Iris Paton 10:00 Burial General Lawn, G, 38
James Duck 12:00 Burial Wattle Lawn (Catholic), 287
Terence Ryan 14:00 Burial Cassia Lawn (Catholic), 122
Name Time Service Location
Phillip Horan 12:00 Burial Grevillea Lawn (Catholic), 40

Name Time Service Location
Antonio Molinero 12:00 Burial Roman Catholic, St Anthony, 424
Carmela Tomarchio 12:45 Burial Church of England, Section 1, Vault 155
Name Time Service Location
Pasquale (Patrick) Cappellieri 13:15 Burial Church of England, Section 3, Vault 35
Name Time Service Location
Angela De Santis 12:30 Burial Roman Catholic, St Charles Lawn Vaults, 49

There are currently no services scheduled for this location.

There are currently no services scheduled for this location.