Upcoming services

Use the table below to find upcoming services at all Northern Cemeteries locations or use the links on the left to select your preferred location.

Name Time Service Location
Marie Hossack 09:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
James Alfred Ward 10:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Kim Hing Lam 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
John Denham 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Anne Maria Pittorino 11:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Kim Hing Lam 11:30 Burial MACQUARIE VISTA, SECTION C, Grave 0202
Louise Yacoubian 12:00 Burial ARMENIAN LAWN, SECTION A, Grave 0399A
Raymond Herbert Voget 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Kitty Levy 13:00 Ashes JEWISH WALL, S WISE, Pos D7
Name Time Service Location
Begzad Yeghzarian Kordi 11:00 Burial ARMENIAN LAWN, J13, Grave 0057
George Brennan 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Kathleen McClenahan 12:45 Burial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 15, Grave 0644
Geoffrey Lawrence Lumsdaine 13:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Name Time Service Location
Brnan Sarkis 11:00 Burial
Laurence Alwin Edwards 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Suzanne Mary Coventry 11:15 Chapel Palm Chapel
Benedict Marsh 12:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Name Time Service Location
Nai Zhen Kostopoulos 09:00 Ashes Casuarina Grove Garden Estates, ROW E, Position 001
Wen Hu 10:00 Ashes TRADITIONAL, TRADITIONAL O87, Grave 021
Desmond Leggett 10:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Nicquane Barrett 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Paul Geoffrey Berry 11:30 Chapel Camellia Chapel
Name Time Service Location
George Van Brugge 11:00 Chapel Magnolia Chapel
Geoffrey Nelson 13:00 Ashes RIVER GUM RESERVE, SECTION B, Pos 0116

Name Time Service Location
Dorothy Forster 12:00 Burial Catholic, Lawn, K, 1
David Collis 14:00 Chapel Frenchs Forest Chapel

Name Time Service Location
Wendy Martin 11:00 Burial Church of England, Lawn 8, Grave 446
Elisa Borsato 14:30 Burial Roman Catholic, St Anthony, 90
Name Time Service Location
Janice Patricia Sampson 11:00 Burial Roman Catholic, St Anthony, Grave 177A
Name Time Service Location
Maria Petrone 11:45 Burial Roman Catholic, New Portion E, CRYPTS, 13
Gloria Melilli 13:00 Ashes Roman Catholic, St Charles, C, 131

There are currently no services scheduled for this location.

Name Time Service Location
Brenda Parkinson 13:30 Burial GENERAL, 15, GENERAL-15-33