Natural Burials

At Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery we offer Natural Burials. A natural burial is the act of returning a body as naturally as possible back to the earth. To achieve this, we recommend that the body not be embalmed or cremated, but instead buried in a simple casket within a protected green space. Natural Burials are a great way to offer a loved one an environmentally conscious way to go back with the earth.

Why do people choose natural burial?
Natural burials allow people to choose a burial method that has a lower environmental impact. A natural burial reduces the energy and resource consumption associated with traditional burial practices in the longer term. The intent is for graves to blend into the natural surroundings.

What process is involved?

A natural burial involves digging a grave using the most efficient means available to a maximum depth of 1200mm. The body of the deceased person is placed in a non-toxic biodegradable coffin which is set in the grave and covered with the original soil to allow the body to decompose naturally.

What environment and materials are best suited?
The natural landscape is an important consideration for this type of burial to ensure minimal disturbance and impact. Natural burials use only non-toxic biodegradable or compostable materials. All coffins, caskets and urns are made from readily available materials such, cardboard or chipboard, organic cotton, bamboo, tencel or eucalyptus, linen or hemp. This includes the use of only biodegradable paint, if painting is desired.

Can I choose anywhere in the cemetery?
Northern Cemeteries has set aside a natural burial area to ensure minimal impact on trees and other vegetation, and to avoid areas of erosion or overland water flow. Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery’s natural burial area is a protected green space named Nyarawan, meaning far away.

How can I find the grave?
Graves are discretely marked on the timber edging. Markers are beneath the mulch; allowing cemetery staff to find the exact location for burials.

What type of memorial is allowed?
An inscription of a standard specified size and format may be placed on the communal stone plaque provided. Typical information contained on a plaque will include, name, date of birth and date of death.

What can I leave on the grave?
Native fresh flowers can be left on the gravesite during the burial service, however, not at other times. To maintain the intention of our natural burial area, we may need to remove any unsuitable objects or materials, in line with Northern Cemeteries rules and regulations.

Are double plots available?
We have a selection of single depth and double depth plots available.

Can a location be reserved?
Pre-purchase options are available.

How much does it cost?
For fees and charges, please contact our Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery office on 02 9451 6204 or email