Plan Ahead

By planning ahead and pre-purchasing a site, you can protect your family against future price increases and know that your loved ones will be saved from making decisions on your behalf during a difficult time.

You can pre-purchase an ashes or burial site at any Northern Cemeteries location. Pre-purchase can include single/double or quadruple interment options as well as plaque and photos (depending on the package selected).

There are many advantages to pre-purchasing a site:

  1. Secure your position at today’s prices with no future increases.
  2. Reduce the financial burden for your loved ones ahead of time.
  3. Secure a specific location and increase the chance of a final resting place near family members or loved ones.
  4. Know your wishes will be followed and give your loved ones peace of mind, knowing your memorial was your choice.
  5. No impact is made on your pension payments as Cemetery plots are not counted as assets.

Northern Cemeteries have also developed the My Wishes booklet to help capture your preferences.

We’re here to help:

Our team of knowledgeable and caring Family Consultants can help you find a memorial option that suits your needs. We are here to help and can be contacted by phone Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm or Saturday 9am  – 4pm