Environmental Sustainability

We know that environmental sustainability is a priority for the communities we work in and we are committed to playing our part.

Sustainable Burial Options

We also offer environmentally sustainable burial options:

Living Legacy Memorial Trees

A first in New South Wales, Northern Cemeteries offers an everlasting and environmentally friendly memorialisation option providing an alternative to scattering the ashes of loved ones. Creating a Living Legacy involves choosing the location, selecting the tree species and personalised plaque, and organising the tree-planting ceremony. For every Living Legacy tree we plant, 200 trees are donated to be planted in forests in Australia and overseas. Click here for more information.

Natural Burials

The first natural burial for Northern Cemeteries took place at Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery in early 2020.The natural burial service includes a ‘green’ wicker coffin which is biodegradable, non-toxic, and is sustainable to the environment with little impact to the surrounding area.