New Mausoleum provides leading choice to meet demand

Work is progressing on the construction site of a new Mausoleum that will stand as the centre piece of a major expansion project at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, North Ryde.

The impressive semi-open structure is being built on undeveloped land adjacent to the Stations of the Cross area in the Catholic section. It has been designed to complement existing surrounds and will provide a sanctuary for remembrance, worship, and quiet reflection.

Northern Cemeteries CEO Pauline Tritton said the project is a significant commitment for Macquarie Park and one that will help support Sydney’s growing need for burial and vault options.

“Caring for our community, in all its diversity, means providing a level of memorial choice that is strongly aligned with the demands and expectations of our increasing population,” Mrs Tritton explained.

“The new Mausoleum will enhance our existing offering by giving families an additional and exceptional option when it comes to remembering and honouring the life of their ancestors for generations to come.”

The Mausoleum will include 660 above ground crypts with natural stone, five distinct family vaults each providing 12 crypt spaces, various columbaria spaces for ash interments, high ceiling levels and the use of stone and other natural finishes to reflect a high quality and sustainable approach.

The area will also incorporate a courtyard and water features, new landscaping including a separate reflection garden, and an amenities block.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity as we know our community now expects and appreciates better memorial places, spaces, and surrounds,” said Mrs Tritton.

“With major sitework progressing well, it is wonderful to watch this development slowly taking shape and we are really looking forward to our new Mausoleum being finished by early 2022.”

Northern Cemeteries is a leading not-for-profit memorial provider overseeing five sites located on Crown land throughout the northern suburbs of Sydney and Newcastle. Each site has its own distinct personality catering to diverse communities with individual cultural, traditional and religious needs. Northern Cemeteries strives to ensure all users experience a high level of care, quality, and respect.

For information on future site visits and online visuals (such as the flythrough video) please call us on 1300 389 888 or access updates here.

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New Catholic Mausoleum gardens.
New Catholic Mausoleum crypts.