Story of Place – Frenchs Forest Cemetery

Story of Place

Northern Cemeteries is delighted to work collaboratively with our local First Nations community in the Northern Sydney region. The board was introduced to Professor Foley a number of years ago and we have been building upon our relationship with him ever since. Our aspiration is to create pathways for the wider community to connect and to be better educated about the land on which our cemetery sites are located.

The area we today know as Frenchs Forest was once an important site to the
Gai-mariagal people, the original people and custodians of the area.

Dennis Foley shares his childhood memories and stories which reveals a deeper understanding of the landscape and pathways that connect up different sites from Manly through to where the St Ives showgrounds is today.

The Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery sits on a high point in the region and through shared custodianship of the land this area will continue to hold cultural and contemporary significance for yesterday and tomorrow.

Watch our Story of Place: