Welcome to Country – Frenchs Forest

Welcome to Country – Frenchs Forest

Dennis Foley, Gai-mariagal Elder and Knowledge Holder offers a welcome to country to his family’s ancestral lands.

Dennis Foley

Dennis identifies as Koori. His matrilineal connection is Gai-mariagal of northern Sydney, and his patrilineal connection is to the Wiradjuri people of the Turon River region. He is active within the Indigenous community and Indigenous business associations that includes the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. He has also received several ministerial appointments to state and federal Advisory Committees and currently researches in Canada, Ireland and across Aboriginal Australia

He is a Fulbright Scholar and a double Endeavour Fellow. His research and publications cross several disciplines; from Indigenous: literature, history, education, business management and leadership. His principal areas of research are however in Indigenous enterprise – entrepreneurship and the field of Indigenous pedagogies – epistemology.

Uncle Dennis is the Elder, Knowledge Holder, and Traditional Custodian of the Gai-mariagal clan lands of the Northern Sydney region.   A great storytelling, Dennis share his family history and story of place of the sites where Northern Cemeteries sites now exist.