Story of Place – Gore Hill Cemetery

Story of Place – Gore Hill

Northern Cemeteries is delighted to work collaboratively with our local First Nations community in the Northern Sydney region.  The board was introduced to Professor Foley a number of years ago and we have been building upon our relationship with him ever since.  Our aspiration is to create pathways for the wider community to connect and to be better educated about the land on which our cemetery sites are located.

The Cammeraygal are part of the Gai-mariagal clans of the northern Sydney region.

The Gore Hill cemetery site is situated on a significant high point in the region and was a place of learning, gaining knowledge and a dance site.  It was known as “Yababung” meaning music and knowledge in the Gai-mariagal language. 

On the day of filming there was a light sprinkling of rain which Dennis commented on as being a good sign from the spirits of the land and him seeing it as permission for us to continue and for him to share his knowledge and tell us the story of place.

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